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Welcome to the new KPI: Freedom

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Don’t play a bit part in someone else’s drama. At Zensho you’ll write your own script and cast yourself in the leading role.
We operate under the rare belief that our people come first. The mission: to liberate. With us you get the freedom to develop your practice, and a platform tricked out with all the cutting-edge tech a recruitment 007 could wish for. Whoever and wherever you are, you’ve got the access and support you need to get the deal done. And we’re right there with you from start to close.
No 9-to-5 office hours, production quotas, or other prehistoric nonsense. Just stellar reputation. Cool peers. Harmony. Laughter. Our tribe is showing the world of executive search how real community happens.
At Zensho Agency you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

You’re the boss.
Be treated like one.


Here, lions get their share: 70-90% commission on every deal. Enjoy hearing us roar your victories to the world with proud hearts.


The market’s best AI-driven database, complemented by an integrated suite of apps that free you to work, and source, from anywhere in the world.


Proven, plug-and-play platform, with personalized branding and full LinkedIn Recruiter access. Our award-winning reputation maximizes your success and star power.


Up your game with regular live and online training, seminars and performance labs, and complimentary coaching by our ICF-credentialed CEO, Robin Doenicke.


Live completely as a member of our dynamic tribe – worldly people with whom you’ll love to hang and grow. Team up. Explore. Forget work-life balance. It’s all one now.


Awaken to it. That’s what happens when you walk through this door painted red, gold and blue. Imagination is no longer a preview to life. It’s real. Be your best self.


Let dedicated personnel handle the paperwork, agreements and invoicing so you can focus on the big picture.

International Reach

Expand your business across Zensho’s global markets. Collaborate with your international colleagues. Exponentially grow your earning power.

Math not your favorite subject?
It soon will be.

Numbers and percentages may have given you a headache in college, but they’re about to make your head spin instead.
Meet our trusty Zenculator.
Just punch in your current billing and compensation status, submit, and go pour yourself a healthy cup of anticipation. We’ll shoot you a report showing what all your hustle and grind would be worth if you were rolling with the Zensho tribe.
Then, once you’re done with the laughter and tears, give us a call so we can talk about turning “I wish” into real wallet weight.
Time to be your own boss. And get paid like one.

Zensho rebels have forged a community that’s unique in the industry. Having cast off the fear that cloaks corporate daily life, we’re free to look ourselves in the mirror and each other in the eye. To be whole. Present. Vibrant and engaged. Our collective resonance awakens a deeper purpose, one that transcends our limited identity as recruiters and takes us beyond the deal to a simple truth: success is a measure of the value we provide others.
If reading this feels like we’ve read your mind, reach out. We’d love to talk with you about your why.

“A rebel is one who lives totally according to his own light and risks everything else for his ultimate value of freedom.”


Recruitment license number (Japan): 13 – ユ – 302223