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Most Visionary
Recruitment Business 2020

5th annual APAC Business Awards

Newspapers say the big city means a better life, so you sell the farm, exchange clean air for factory smoke, and clock in for the rest of your natural born years. You have a number. You are a number. The boss rules.

That was the last revolution. This one’s different. In fact, it’s a complete role reversal. Today’s leaders go in search of stars that will grow their business like never before.

Power to the people. Talent rules.

Technology can find anyone. But who matters?

Awesome companies and top talent want to connect, which is how you wound up with 500+ in your network. Résumé-scraping bots, impassive algorithms and KPI-driven recruiters make the signal-to-noise ratio almost unbearable. But there’s a way to cut through the static so real people get seen. All the time.


It’s a simple choice. A human one.

Past meets possible.

We respect the old school. But tradition is an envelope. Get too comfy and eventually you get stuck inside. So we imagined a new platform where the only thing that sticks is talent. And we made it.


An ecosystem where our front-end work becomes your back-end benefit. We gathered as a tribe of experts, every one of us a proven performer. Then we freed ourselves from last century’s recruitment paradigm, so we have the time and space to vet candidates in full. To nurture them. To make transformative introductions between those we serve.


Some may call it disruption.
We prefer rebellion.

Purpose. Leverage. Fireworks. Welcome to business unusual.

Status quo means “can’t do better.” We can. Zensho Agency designed a unique pricing model that privileges needs over norms, giving clients what they value most: choice. And the rigorous methodology we apply to each search ensures we understand needs and deliver profit. Surefire ROI.


Whether you’re looking to hire talent, or you’re the ideal expression of it, we’ve got the accelerant to set your house ablaze.


Connections that resonate. Hires that hold. Careers that blossom.

“The way to do is to be.”

Lao Tzu

Zensho Agency is an exclusive, remote-first, technology-driven brokerage leading the global recruitment rebellion. Authentic and present, we’re a tribe that has grown together through a genuine desire for collective success. Including yours. So, why work with us? Because those who enjoy liberation, empowerment, and maximum rewards make the most trusted advisors to the people they serve.


Our freedom. Your potential.®

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Values: A message to our awesome tribe

Years from now, you may not remember the particulars of deals you closed at Zensho (or what the returns were). You will remember your colleagues and how it felt to work with them. The imprint you left on the world.

We invited you to join our tribe because you impressed us as someone who shares values intrinsic to our culture. But just to ensure we’re totally on the same page, here they are, spelled out in black and white and trimmed in our corporate colors.

Freedom is Zensho’s central pillar. Beyond the mere state of being free, for us the word carries with it a sense of obligation: “Freedom to…” What follows should define you as a person. Of course, to provide your business community with amazing service, but also to engage and give back to the world. And that’s where Autonomy comes in. Unlike the general implications of self-rule, ours leads not to detachment but to a broad and radical sense of interconnectivity. One that enables each of us to commune with others in infinite ways. Together, these two values empower you like nothing else on earth, and they’re here waiting for you.

So, what do we ask in return?

Transparency means not only having open books, but being one yourself. No secrets or ulterior agendas. It is to share personal and industry information without seeking to leverage it for profit or motivate others in any way. Its cousin, Clarity, is about including precision and context in the communication process. At Zensho, we always try to anticipate the details a fellow partner might need and supply them up front.

Which leads us to…

Collaboration. That is, to cooperate meaningfully. Because only through recognizing individual strengths can we thrive as a whole. For us, collaboration requires presence as we listen and respond, evolving toward a collective goal represented by the name of our charity initiative: Ayni (reciprocity). This can’t exist without Collegiality. How we care for each other and the tribe as a whole, share both opportunity and responsibility with open hearts – that’s what empowers us to excel as a firm.

With these six in place, our seventh value happens all by itself.

Harmony. When your environment manifests balance between all people and things – even forces that oppose each other – life just flows. Living completely becomes a state of being. After all, that’s the very meaning of Zensho.