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Zensho launched in 2003 as Japan’s first boutique firm dedicated to executive legal search. Our success brought media recognition and awards, but then, in 2016, we saw smoke from a sinking ship. Actually, Founder & CEO Robin Doenicke did. After thirteen years at our helm, he noticed that frustrations were running high among the industry’s top recruiters. Compelled to comply with outdated protocols, they were desperate for a system that would recognize and reward their talents instead of choking enthusiasm and wasting time.
So, Robin reimagined what Zensho does and how we do it. He gave us new purpose. New people. The sharpest (and most meaningful) logo on the recruitment planet. And now, having expanded our services into additional sectors, we’re the place where top performers have it all: freedom, support, cool peers, and maximum compensation.
Zensho has changed the way headhunters live. And breathe.

“Zenshō” by Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Grandmaster of the Togakure Ryū Ninpō Taijutsu tradition.

What’s in a name?
With us, everything.

The inspiration for our name comes from Yamaoka Tesshu (1836-1888), who was influential in the Meiji Restoration and famed for his selfless action. He was a prolific calligrapher, an accomplished martial artist, and the founder of a Rinzai Zen temple named Zensho-an, which is still active in Tokyo.
Zensho is written with the characters 全生 for “whole” and “life”. To us, it means living fully, with purpose and presence. Since the deals we close have a positive ripple effect on the world (see Ayni below), a humanitarian spirit underlies everything we do. We fulfill our why by helping others fulfill theirs.

13 is our lucky number.

More than just an arbitrary graphic design, our logo is a tricolor version of Hexagram #13 from the Taoist classic I Ching. It combines the characters for Fire and Heaven to symbolize a union of forces. Like-minded people. Fellowship. But, the text implies, the power that derives from tribal bonds manifests only when you place group values above personal interests. We do. Which empowers us to rise and expand into the top third of the icon that, scholars agree, represents liberation — with no regrets. And as for our choice of colors, we paired symbolism with philosophy and chose Shōjōhi (red), Himawari (gold) and Ama-iro (blue) to express depth of culture and meaning.
While our industry may be characterized by flux, everything is interdependent. Headhunters, clients and candidates need each other to thrive — indeed, they define each other. With this truth guiding our work, everyone wins.

We pay it forward.
One deal at a time.

We pay it forward.
One deal at a time.

Andean mountain communities like the Q’ero of Peru understand reciprocity not as the Western idea of quid pro quo, but rather as the most important of life principles. Ayni, broadly defined, is the exchange of energy between humans, nature and the universe. It benefits all.
We appreciate this symbiosis. Recruitment has given us extraordinary opportunities and success, and in the spirit of Ayni we are determined to share our abundance with people in need.

Recruitment license number (Japan): 13 – ユ – 302223